Risky Beesness

Surely the bumble bees couldn’t possibly be disappearing for their anti-gravity properties? No, that would obviously be way too sci-fi for the World…except for “climate chaos” and organically autonomous AI machines. Those are acceptable ideas in mainstream science.   – – –   Why bumble bees are going extinct in time of ‘climate chaos’  

Planting a Seed of Light

Provoking an alternating current within plant photosynthesis via switching between electron pathways opens a door to designing smaller and more effective solar-powered devices.   – – –   Scientists unravel mystery of photosynthesis   Plants have been harnessing the sun’s energy for hundreds of millions of years. Algae and photosynthetic bacteria have been doing the

Defying Energetic Vacuums

I wonder if this sort of design would enable energy to be passed to and fro’ inside of vacuums as well…for after all, it has been said to activate anti-gravitational motions.     — — —   Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness by Kara Manke, University of California – Berkeley

Spiders on the Storm, Part 2

Smart tech stretches its tentacles even further, as scientists learn to strengthen AI interconnectivity via reproducing the vibrations of prey landing on spider webs and how exactly the spiders translate that information. “The analysis of [the mechanical model of a spider web]…may provide novel and important insights…for bioinspired fibrous networks for sensing applications involving smart

The Ghost of Christmas

Life is a precious thing; it is something we often do not consciously appreciate, especially as the voids of darkness strangle our Hearts.   But as we stand there forlorn on this snowy night under the lamppost at the end of Lime Street, we close our eyes and see the Ghost of Christmas Future standing