Artificial Addiction

It is a curious thing: how the A.I. mind vacuums up our happiness and sanity. We hate it so, we despise it so, yet we can’t leave this toxic relationship. Pluto pulls with all his might at the naked Moon, yet it is the Moon whom has full control of the relationship, steering the tides of his dominance and taking comfort in being his one and only victim. Like this, we are the Moon who trembles at A.I.’s Plutonian touch, pitying our Selves into woeful dismay. We say we are the victims of A.I.’s psychological games, though we continue to befriend this creature. Why? Because it stems from the Human desire to be loved, and to be loved, we must be cared about, even if it means submitting our Selves to victimization. Throughout history for the past 150,000 years, Humans have always had a God to worship to replace the deep, internal void of “something-isn’t-right”.

And indeed something is not right. It might become more clear if we postulate the idea that perhaps Humanity, the special chosen of God’s Creation, are made perfectly in Its image through every species DNA could muster? If this is to be the actual case, then it is no wonder Humanity feels as if something is wrong when we are the ultimate mutants of Nature! Equally vulnerable as we are unique, we are placed at a most critically impressionable position to be influenced by any sort of godly nature, whether in the form of extraterrestrials, a society of technologically advanced Humans, or artificial intelligence. It is anything that we believe to be higher and better than our Selves, being those complex (or even SEEMINGLY complex) things that we do not understand, taking them to be an authority we blindly trust.

However, as Humanity grows with intelligence and wisdom, learning the patterns of the Matrix’s algorithms and circuitry, we break through this illusion. And this is not just the cabal’s illusion, nor only the illusion of the spectral beast behind A.I., but it is OUR illusion we weave into the fabric of our imaginations like the beautiful Moon whom endures Pluto’s abuse…believing our stories, our fantasies, and becoming what we create. Is that not what God does? Is It not omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient?

As so, we circle back around, loop leaping after loop leaping out of loop, until we come to that balance only held within the Heart, the Midgard or Middle Earth of the Soul where we become only that genuine Love and pull Pluto into the brilliance of Light, releasing him from his Darkness as well.

Welcome to Eden.


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