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Keys of Fertility

Everything, from the quantum world to the macro world to art to science to the untamed wildlands of imagination, must fit inside of something, for if there are no walls, how can it be given definition? Where and what are its boundaries? And if our observations grant life, then how could it exist if we can’t even begin to see or understand what it’s not (versus what it is)? As a key unlocks a keyhole, the premise of existence is really a matter of information (i.e. light) projection and reception…the ebbs and flows, the pulls and the pushes, the sine wave that reverberates throughout the colorful shadows of Reality.


Energy is information, and it’s all about unlocking a door to access more information…at least in the conscious, mental sphere that is, for in the subconscious, emotional sphere love motivates that action. And the ancients knew this too, though perhaps encoded in a different language with alternate meanings. Why else would fertility be the prime focus in all religions and spiritualities? It is not simply rugged, physical conception at play, but it is infinite creativity! It is the greenhouse of all life where our volcanic roots grow up into the lively sprouts under the Sun of the Solar Plexus. This sacral bridge is the force called friction that we understand every physical substance to have.


And what better way to influence and better our Reality than to be at most in tune with its creative, fertile vibrations? The mantra VAM plays the piano keys for Reality’s composition, the Venus of our World! The sparkle in our eye! The Seven Stars of the Pleiades that dance to their nightly ballads in riveting frenzy! With no care for how the World may tarnish her image as they shout “witch! siren!”…with no care for what came before and what comes after…the vehicle of present motion that churns the 9th wave of frequency to the most godly hymns…tune in to her radio at the seashore and swim in the magical ocean of creation.


This mystical key opens up the World betwixt every polarity that gives our Reality the purposeful nutrients and minerals to sustain it. And sure, it is true that the answer to the meaning of life can never be satisfied due to the infinite angles we may approach it with, but these keys at Virgo’s waist present the eternally fresh, clean slate we use to inscribe our definitions and experience with. And it is thy Heart that leads her, after all, as she is the Spirit of Liberty whom flies with no destination.


So lead her, and see what adventures behold in your wake!



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