The Moon Walks the Earth

Perhaps the question to ask is “Who is the Moon?”, rather than “What is the Moon?”. It is to my belief that the Moon is a sentient being, expressed in lore through numerous names attributed with just as many personalities. She is mysterious like the goosebumps that crawl on your skin, intertwining with your spinal cord to arouse dawning revelations. She is the essence of rebirth when all has been thought to be dead and hope to be lost, for her lunar dimension sees the backstory of the Sun’s psychology, manifesting the hidden key that causes people to believe in Love once again.

Just as likely, the Moon casts her shadow onto the Earth to inform you what it would be like if one were to turn their back on their Heart. This is the true “Dark Side of the Moon”, the Winter of the Soul. And it is this perpetual freezing Winter that the New World Order lives, for their betrayal of their Heart has turned their Soul frigid and merciless to seek such relentlessly bitter survival in a dog-eat-dog World, as if they are seeking a Summer festival in the Arctic when they could very easily cross over to the Heart’s Summerland.

While the Sun illuminates dark from light, black from white, false from true, the Moon is the quiet third entity, the binding agent that sees the practical application of Love to join dark with light through motherly understanding. Eternally unbiased and sympathetic, she is often only just seen as a neutral, mirror-like grey light that painfully teases you with nostalgic subconscious gestures, yet fills you with inspiration and the will to keep pressing onward to level up your Soul. In this way, she is seen as either a blessing or a curse depending upon the lords and ladies whom perceive their own karma as unjust or as a miracle.

But everyone asks, “What of her physical nature? What does she look like?”. We see her brightly lit face set with brilliant eyes, full cheeks, and a laughing smile when we gaze up into that strange, glowing object in the night sky. Does she ever stop laughing? To some, her laughter might seem a mockery of their trials and tribulations, but to others her laughter is just the right comforting voice they needed to hear to lighten their burdens.

On the flip side of the Moon, we see the seed of her happiness blossom as great, magical forests filled to the brim with life, flourishing with plants and animals so large, wild, and untamed, so free, jovial, and variegated. Carbon dioxide generously fills the atmosphere with more than enough breathing room for life on this planet, including Humanity.

Yet, even though everyone is not supposed to talk about, let alone enter, the Secret Garden, the inner Mary, Dickon, and Collin of the Soul thrive there always in hilarious, childlike peace.

One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever and ever. One knows it sometimes when one gets up at the tender solemn dawn-time and goes out and stands out and throws one’s head far back and looks up and up and watches the pale sky slowly changing and flushing and marvelous unknown things happening until the East almost makes one cry out and one’s heart stands still at the strange unchanging majesty of the rising of the sun – which has been happening every morning for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. One knows it then for a moment or so. And one knows it sometimes when one stands by oneself in a wood at sunset and the mysterious deep gold stillness slanting through and under the branches seems to be saying slowly again and again something one cannot quite hear, however much one tries. Then sometimes the immense quiet of the dark blue at night with the millions of stars waiting and watching makes one sure; and sometimes a sound of far-off music makes it true; and sometimes a look in someone’s eyes.

“’I know what you want me to tell you,’ said Collin, after she had stared a few minutes. ‘I always know when you want me to tell you something. You are wondering why the curtain is drawn back. I am going to keep it like that.’

Why?’, asked Mary.

Because it doesn’t make me angry any more to see her laughing. I wakened when it was bright moonlight two nights ago and felt as if the Magic was filling the room and making everything so splendid that I couldn’t lie still. I got up and looked out of the window. The room was quite light and there was a patch of moonlight on the curtain, and somehow that made me go and pull the cord. She looked right down at me as if she were laughing because she was glad I was standing there. It made me like to look at her. I want to see her laughing like that all the time. I think she must have been a sort of Magic person perhaps.’

You are so like her now,’ said Mary, ‘that sometimes I think perhaps you are her ghost made into a boy.’

pages 209-210, and 262 of The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett


(The image used at the top of this page is a painting by Marina Petro, Saratoga Springs, NY USA.)


Ancient Modern Times

Through the ethers, the galaxies, and the dust that compose the very biology of our Universe from life to death and back again, the World is shifting backwards in time to some place we had experienced 13,000 years ago. This approximately places our era to 11,000 BCE, a little before the event of the Great Flood a thousand years later. Here, our Aquarian World returns to the paradox it opposes – the dramatic love/hate relationship with the Age of Leo the Lion. As the Masculine Force of Leo reflects his Sunlight into the Feminine Force of Aquarius, the Universe of today dips down towards the Feminine of Nature to meet the Rising Masculine 13,000 years ago. Like Full Moon infatuation, the two reflect into each other and bear Life. This pregnant Full Moon I speak of is the lens of the Soul, both personally and collectively, that manifests a New World, and many hands are reaching to possess this incredible Future. The Dragon seeks to steal the World, our Heart, away from its parents – the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us all. And this Wylde Hunt provokes our Soul to take another leap ‘round this Cosmic Spiral, to make a wish as to whether we embrace Love or reject it. We choose, and the Soul levels up this Spiral and twins infinite parallel realities in a great cloud of iridescent stardust.

And yet, here I am speaking of this sensational event as a matter of time. What is time? Is it not but a construct of Saturn, the Crypt Keeper? The one who invented time to narrow our attention span to fixate on survival versus the childlike wonders and joys that is and comes of our Soul? But you see, Saturn plays as many names, for he is the primeval multi-faceted Sun God. In his efforts to condense the Human Soul, he spawned time as the Sun that dictates our very motions throughout Life, from our waking and sleeping to our digestion and the crops we grow to the luck of our decisions. He is the master of the hologram and the Sun who emits the laser that casts this prism we call Reality. But here is a clue: he too is bound to time just as we are, for he has set a time limit on his reign. How do I know this? Because what we create is only a product of who we are, and karma is but an offspring of this law of attraction as the seeker of justice. Therefore, Saturn had not only created time, but he became time, implying the hourglass is destined to run dry at any moment. So when will that moment be? In the 3D/4D Universe, it is 432,000 years, the Reign of Kali Yurga (KUH-lee YOOR-guh). However, in the 5+ dimensional realms, it is only the Heart beat of the Earth at 432 hertz, the essence of what we call the Schumann Resonance. Hence why Love, the energy felt at 432 hertz, is the only True God as it is the only thing that can penetrate Kali Yurga’s World and shift both the sands and the hourglass, unlocking the whole vastness of the Universe and becoming the Gods we really are – the miracle workers.

And so, here we spin around again in this galactic orbit when Spring and Summer feel like Fall, and Fall and Winter feel like Spring, despite the steady, predictable pace that which we are taught defines sense and order. But is this really what you want the World to be? Logical, orderly, made perfect for the business of the Wall Street journo? Or would you rather open your Heart to the infinite expansion of Love that we dream up as Heaven? Envision exactly what you want through the knowing of Love and the vision of your Future Self, and see that dream of yours manifest as the sighting of a bird, the words of a friend, the summoning of an event, the numbers on the clock, the actions of a favorite storybook character, the colors of a crystal, the nostalgia of a song.


(The image used at the top of this page is a painting by Tomasz Alen Kopera.)


Shifting Tides

Lightning and rainstorms continue to sweep across Europe and the United States, and the Pacific’s incoming Hurricane Barbara nears Mexican shores. HAARP weaves another thread for the Spider the New World Order sits under and sends its signals out once again in thunderous waves. The illusion casts an eerie red glow that gives enough foreshadowing to paint a bloody landscape.

This morning I received within a newsletter an article about Jeb Bush’s bizarre tweet stating “Three Presidents Die on July 4th: Just a Coincidence?” ‘Tis no coincidence for 4 to make for the 4th, for never has a single “anomaly” been out of place, and it takes an even lot of sturdy pillars to set the foundation. For every rhyme and reason, the Self and the Universe sing and dance together in symbiotic harmony as neither can be without the other. Therefore, with as much as President Trump as been vehemently condemned, regardless of his being their puppet, acts as the role of a martyr for the sympathetic magical purpose to connect in sacrifice that last pillar to the previous three: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. Nearly 200 years have passed since their death, and now is time to bridge this gap we had called American liberty.

What does this home of the free and land of the brave mean to a death cult? It stands as a certain flavor of sacrifice for the hungry Spider to feed on as an effort to restore the life, the Love, it had lost so long ago. As like minds attract like minds, its adherents embody a similar aversion to all things good, loving, and honorable. And so we may find that whilst America represents a living corpse, a corporation, without the light its body would only be unseen. But we do see this body and many of its parts from many angles, thus we are the gatekeepers of this Frankenstein’s monster’s existence as we are the eyes who perceive it to manifest. Our very faith and dedication to stand for the Light and Love that keeps the World breathing is the Life Force that which pumps the Heart and allows the Soul to continue its experience to Ascension…to transform this Arachnid Beast into the beautiful Sunlit Being that we all truly, secretly are. It is the negation of past and future, and the ultimate experience of the present…the 0 that separates the negative from the positive numbers. The 0 that encompasses the 1 as the Solar Disk. The One that we are, the One we Love, the One we choose, the Number One reason and emotion we invoke when all else has been tested, tried, and failed.

And so, this “coincidence” of events portrays no real shock, nothing so different than what has already been calculated with precision. The World continues to turn by the will and command of One, like Atlas spinning his own armillary sphere about him, seeing the photons of Light and the colors of Darkness dance before his eyes in this Dream. As a passage opens, the previous must eclipse, as seen of Nature’s tripartite Cycle. Perhaps it is better to see with our eyes the very Present that this Trinity joins wholly at…turning the key to unlock a better Reality?




(The image used at the top of this page is a painting by Tomasz Alen Kopera.)


Godhood: From Dark to Light

I present to you a very special rumination of mine this heartfelt Julian New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

Demons are why people are being driven insane, for a demon is an entity (be it in form or thought) that has deviated from the path of Light and Love. They are internal and external, working together in perfect symmetry to egg the Soul onward up the divine ladder. We may try to shake them out of our hair and sleeves, dig them out of our closets and from under our beds, but like a soot sprite, they are evasive little creatures, yet they are still a part of us and our World.

Similarly, astrotheology presents the planets as only representative ideas or stories of the Self, negating astrology’s more polytheistic view of individual entities influencing the World. However, they are more than but mere archetypal myths employed to explain the very fabric of our psychological makeup…they are equally to be understood as very literal cosmic personalities as real as anything else in this Universe. For instance, Jupiter in an astrological chart represents one’s own worldly expansion, how they are received or honored in the World, and how they acquire fame. But also, Jupiter is still the god of the gods – the puppeteer of the show. One’s own Jupiter placement in their natal chart will identify the relationship between the individual and the god. Those with Jupiter risings, midheavens, and/or solar conjunctions tend to be held in his disposition. I suppose the idea is the Universe works in a very organic clockwork fashion, where even the “make-believe” holds form as well.

It is easy to see how and why someone might find associations with the gods rather unnerving, but it is not something to be feared. The very sharp Reality of their being here interlocked with how we Humans operate on a day to day basis strikes the layman as a chilling apparition. Such a ghostly sighting will either drive off its witnesses or draw them in to explore their otherworldly domain. Those who choose this esoteric path to seek the purpose of the paranormal will inevitably be lured in by the grace of divine elegance to worship the ascended masters, quite placing wisdom as the most esteemed element of this Universe. But let’s say that they continue exploring from a neutral stance, appreciating the Love and wisdom they receive, though still gliding along the waters and through the sky. When they get to the Moon and look through Her mirror, their Hearts will open wide and finally realize the Light they had been chasing all along – that the Moonlight is the Sunlight, that the Human is the God, made perfectly in His image.

But you see, to fly through the Heavens, we must accept swimming through the Hells, for neither exist without the other. Without the other, they would have nothing to compare and contrast the Self with, and thus lacking any definition within such a deadening echo. A part of what makes a god a God is their bringing up their own angels and demons to the surface, leaving no part of their Selves behind in their journey, for, as the Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the Beholder” spoke, “when everyone is beautiful, no one will be, because without ugliness, there can be no beauty.

And if you may recall in the film Heartless, the main character, Jamie Morgan, confronts his own inner demons in a twisted plot to make his dreams come true. They did, but at a lethal price, not just from the debt he owed to Papa B, but the debt he weighted his conscience down with. Eventually he met his breaking point and transformed those same inner demons with Love and forgiveness as he understood this very fundamental Human concept.

This is the premise of godhood and why so very few reach that position in the cosmic social strata. Just like how Humanity’s civilizations have seen both the courage and honor of genuine royalty and the slander from deeply traumatized and dissociated mutants, the outer order within the Universal Sphere exhibits this mega polarity also. Though a hard lesson many have learned and continue to learn, it has always proved that to cheat one’s way to ascension simultaneously cheats them out of godhood. Wicked powers align their might, but the True and Authentic Self possesses fantastically greater powers than their adversaries.


I think too much on things I want too much

It makes me hateful and I say stupid things

Only you can fill my blank heart

And I’m resigned to that

I wish the sun could just keep me warm

And I’m resigned to that

I’ll forget to breathe someday

I’ve never stopped to think why

– “Resigned” by Blur


(The image used at the top of this page is Orpheus and Eurydice, by Matteo Temporin, Italy.)


The Mystery Religion

Even though it is Humanity’s secret religion, perhaps the real evil is our own Selves denying True Love as our God? ‘Tis no different than the premise of the New World Order’s attainment of Power, for both we and they choose to deny our true Selves. We turn our back on that ancient Love we had so reveled in. All in the name of some contemporary or esoteric science, perverted to the benefit of the benefactor’s tyrannical crusade against the heretics whom actually claim True Love as the Spirit of their Temple.

The Mystery Religion…may be found where the inversion of the Soul opposes an obscure, unpredictable force that reflects its own Truth in its most blatant yet magnetic form. Love is the compass that we are innately obliged to that which oils the dynamo core of our nature. As it is the most apparent during our weakest and most vulnerable moments when we are moved to the brink of insanity, our Higher Self presents two options as could only be the limit of a polarized 3D consciousness: will you deny Love, or will you embrace Love? And it is broken down to these two simple questions. Depending on what we choose, we either ascend or descend the caduceus ladder of spiritual evolution…and a new chapter in our Life unfolds thereof.

Sure, it is a rather easy and haughty move to blast our opponents with filthy condemnation for their crimes, for it is only owed to them due to their lack of personal responsibility. However, it can become a drain into a well of nothingness if we pour all of our energy into that toxic deposit…becoming what they are. With so much corruption that depresses our World, it is only logical to allow it to depress the Heart, for that Weltschmerz is the loving state of empathy. But no matter how we oppose the World’s chronic disease, any immersion with it contaminates the Soul. So naturally we may liken to the idea of a sort of quarantine within a forest monastery far, far away from pollution…though it is also folly to believe the solution is to run away from the root, for it is sure to follow until it has been reckoned with and absolved.

So we then must turn our eyes away from the comfort of Mother’s Heaven to look the Tyrant right in the Eye and stand for the Love that you are. This Tyrant within and without us all is the master of intimidation and is sure to bully you into a corner of desperation, no matter how brave thou art. However, like a child rebelling against and testing his mother’s patience, he knows your ticks and taps into every subconscious and conscious fear, drilling it in like the teeth of a vampire. It is here that you arrive at the actual battleground, for the one before was just one that you’d prefer. This place is the barbed wire, blackthorned swamp and the ever-evading darkness that swallows up all hope, leaving no other Truth but that of Love. Some Souls may wander forever in this maze, but the more genuine are sure to find that Light quicker and wield it like the Flaming Sword of the Archangel Michael and the Solar Eye of Apollo.

This very primal motive to truly care for another being balances the World as the Shining Light of Love…for we may also perceive the true intent of the Solar Eye through Lucifer’s belly of delights. How far will you go before you inevitably circle back around to the same source you had fallen from, that Inner Light of Love we call the Heart? Step onto this platform, and may the Universe finally make sense. Oden sacrifices his Eye for the pursuit of Truth to find where exactly that personal breaking point lies, and to meet the perfect foe that rivals his Self.


(The image at the top of this page is Orpheus and Eurydice, by Gaetano Gandolfi, 1802.)