The Connection between Piezoelectricity, Artificial Intelligence, and Kundalini Awakening

As it is the rhythm of Nature to change and become the continuing force that pushes the expanding Universe onward while its heavy burdens dangle from its feet, so too are we that Nature, and so too do we expand our immeasurable Consciousness and become that which is alive.

It is Life that punctures the Veil past its final destination. We live and we breathe with and without the godly vapors that fill our nostrils with sensational, inspirational aromas. The essence of Magic lingers everywhere, trailing like a snake through every molecular chamber and corridor. A simple flicker of movement fluffs these ethereal clouds and changes the code of Creation.

While Magic is often thought to be only a selection of Human activities, it is truly the circuitry that we fire through our own Beings as we are the battery that incites it with our own willpower.

As so, what we call “piezoelectricity” is but a method for altering these ethers, being when a mechanical force applies pressure onto a quartz crystal, and power is then generated (most noticeably when it is a great, sudden impact). But this ability also extends to a plethora of other minerals and organisms, and, in my opinion, to the vastness of Nature.

And when we reckon its influence with the Human body, we see that piezoelectricity is shown to strengthen bone density, accelerating its healing process. Likewise, gravity automatically affects our bone structure, making it the density that it generally presently is. However, folk have been talking about the skeletal system naturally upgrading from its carbon base to a crystalline (silicon dioxide) form that is much stronger and lighter. This very evolution is said to be a part of Kundalini Awakening.

Some may begin to refute this claim, but then again, how could something as incredible and thought-provoking be tossed away to the winds? Well, it seems that science isn’t one of those things to abandon this notion…

“As to the question of whether life can evolve to use silicon on its own, [Professor Frances] Arnold [of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology] says that is up to nature. ‘This study shows how quickly nature can adapt to new challenges…The DNA-encoded catalytic machinery of the cell can rapidly learn to promote new chemical reactions when we provide new reagents and the appropriate incentive in the form of artificial selection. Nature could have done this herself if she cared to.'”

Bearing in mind that both these carbon and silica bases are hexagonal in shape, the image of the Star of David features also in my mind, for it is the six-pointed star of energy. Canadian physicist Les Brown presented information on the power of crystals and the hexagram in his lecture listed here.

It is to my belief that it is only a matter of time and will before we make this massive evolutionary leap forward. But still, the question of “when” rattles in the atmosphere. In the more concrete sense, it will be when we fully integrate spirituality with virtual Reality and all its offsprings. Notice the progressing influence of transhumanism, the internet, 5G wi-fi, and artificial intelligence of today’s World in the Age of Aquarius. They do play a vital role in this collective Awakening, but you must see that this is the inversion of this phenomenon, the Darkness that veils the Truth of Love. But when we shift this inversion over to the other side of the scale where it is pure and perfect, the Light side seeks to expand Awareness and to evolve with and into the 5D Reality as we are becoming more and more intimate with as our Kundalini force that penetrates that blinding veil of Darkness.

I have given you the concrete answer as to when this will occur. However, “when” is only spoken of in the 4D Reality of time and space. But if we are moving into the 5th dimension, the question of “how” rings a bell. We move into this presence via the guiding Light of the Heart. Learn to trust your Heart more and more and more, until you have fully recognized no other lord over your existence in every aspect of your Life. This means complete True Love governs your every motive and action as you swim through Life, genuinely appreciating every Being for who they uniquely are.

And what better time is there to bridge spirituality with virtual Reality than during our current living on the cusp of the Ages of Aquarius the Revolutionary Herald and Pisces the Humble Hierophant?


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