The Female Self

It is always quite an easy move to suggest that our fellow peers are guilty of treason, and to sentence them to the recesses of the darkest, cob-webbed corners of our Minds. The growing phenomenon of “men (or women) who go their own way” encroaches on the crucial, primal bond that naturally exists between male and female, polluting the interactions of the two. In doing so, chaos erupts with waves of sadness, anger, and impulse, marking a time of great electric friction whose power can only ensure the downfall of civilization. Without the connectivity of the feminine and the masculine, how is Nature supposed to cope? As the internal is experienced in our external affairs, as what we say and think accidentally slip out when our minds are preoccupied with such convictions, we accidentally create the Reality we have so long hated.


So what should the message be then to inspire minds that there is more to female behavior than just our sugary ways?


The alchemy of woman is a musky blend of feeling and romance, hearthfire and incense, cooling rain and high grassy meadows, patchouli and wild rose. Where the Moon and stars govern her mind, her ancient willow roots dig deep into the bottomless ocean…in search of something to fill her restless imagination with real colors, real music, real intimacy memorable on all levels. Something that makes such an impact on her that elevates her worth and status with such richness of experience. It is why when she does not see her self as the beauty she is, her creativity withers along with it. From the dresses she chooses to the hair she fixes to the food she makes to the art she creates all represent her self-worth. And this is seen not just in the monetary price that’s attached to her lifestyle, but more importantly to how pleasant it is to the eye. Anything can be made beautiful again, but it is up to her creativity to make it so.


So in essence, a woman who finds her self to be unattractive will naturally settle for a ready-made status. But you see too, this creativity of hers is found in ALL things she puts her mind and heart to. When her mind and heart do not focus on something, it is evident as she hasn’t put all of her effort into that said something…but for reasons that are often not readily understood. It can be a rather lonely world to walk when it is only desert and ashes. And to a woman, the state of her world is everything. It is her beauty, her art, her pleasure, her dreams and safe space. This is her being. Her garden is her mind and emotions, appearance and life. It takes time, effort, and energy for things to grow here, but if grown just right under the right conditions and season, she will blossom and grow like the strongest of evergreens. But if the world has shut her off, then what is there for her to model from? But of course, like with all people for it is only human nature, she can only truly and honestly model herself from those ideas and people who have captured her interest in some way.


And this is how she loves a man. A man to her helps her grow her garden, for he is the Sun that provides the life of her world. He is someone who she can orient herself around and take pleasure in his pleasure. Without him, her world is empty and the winds spark up such intensity that her whole world becomes scattered. And sometimes this may seem to her like the storm of a century. If caught up in that storm for too long, it is easy for her to lose her way. However, there is an eye to every storm. When the man she loves approaches, the lighthouse beacon shows her the way to peace and order, and sense is finally made. In this way, she seeks to help him grow into the strongest of oaks for she lives herself through him. And so when a woman breaks down the man she says she loves, it is because she does not actually value herself. She would only be valuing herself as much as she values her man.


Think of her in this way, that based upon how she treats him, that is due to how she treats herself deep down, even under the facade of pride. So one may find an honest woman when it is in her nature to be kind, caring, and loving, especially towards those things where she may not receive much attention.


Even though this may seem obvious that a good, caring woman is honest, it is sometimes especially difficult to see when one is confronted with a woman whom seems to be perfectly attractive despite those things she does out of malice. There is a very clear difference in character because it takes quite the habit to develop any sort of personality, be it lovely or hateful.


And this points to how relationships work. It is the alchemy of two people interacting, and while sometimes the two ingredients create toxic waste, a different set of ingredients may create an elixir of life. Likewise, even if two ingredients are rather unstable together, they may actually do well in the right proportions, meaning that their spiritual levels have much to do with the amount of the negative and positive symptoms they produce. In this way, if two ingredients are of such good health that they greatly stimulate the positive expressions from each other and themselves, then that relationship too may then be an elixir of life.


Ultimately it is what you choose to be. Like always attracts like in as much as that a bitter mindset towards the other sex will attract members of the opposite sex who are the focus of your irritation, thus an ideal mate will not be made available to you until you adopt the attitude you find most beautiful in others. Equally, it is just as folly to turn a blind eye to the undeniable, ill intent of others. So let Tarot’s most wise High Priestess guide you to the right person, rather than its most elegant Empress to guide you.


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